For more than 30 years

For more than 30 years, Burkart has been a trusted name in flutes and piccolos. As our reputation grew, teachers asked us for a lower-priced instrument that would still meet our very high quality standards. Lillian Burkart and Jim Phelan started a quest in 2003 to provide a silver-plated instrument using Burkart’s renowned piccolo scale. They wanted to give something back to the musicians who helped their company become a success.

After more than one and one-half years of research and development, the first 10 piccolos were ready. Lillian and Jim called this the “Global” piccolo, named after the idea of providing a great piccolo that was affordable anywhere in the world. The Global piccolo was launched at the 2004 NFA convention in Nashville, Tennessee, with a total of 20 ready for the flute community. Teachers lined up at the booth to buy them for their studios, and we were quickly sold out!

Of course, this is the Resona piccolo now – we changed the name and the engraving in 2010 – it’s still the same great piccolo! The Resona piccolo set a new standard for what is acceptable for the advancing piccolo player and it continues to be the most exceptional piccolo available below US $2800. How do we know? Our thousands of happy Global and Resona Piccolo players tell us everywhere we go!


In 2007 we began development on the Resona Flute with the same philosophy as the piccolo – keep the same Burkart professional body, create a matching headjoint for the advancing player, and use silver-plated, hand built keys instead of solid-silver.


In June of 2008, the first Resona flutes were sold in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The response from players was better than we expected. Educators were excited at the performance of this affordable flute and many of our professional players purchased one as a reliable 2nd flute. Of course, that original Resona Flute has evolved into today’s exceptional Resona 300 model, with more features and options.


The Resona flute is the teacher and student favorite choice for the  advancing flutist. It’s easy to understand when the Resona flute sounds amazing, costs as little as $2,500, and has better features and reliability than many flutes which start at $4,000 or higher.

12 years later, Lillian Burkart and Jim Phelan are proud to offer these great instruments at an exceptional value to rising students, amateurs, educators and professionals . Their goal of giving something back to the flute community by increasing the standards and expectations for flutes and piccolos at this level has been achieved. Many different members of the team at Burkart are involved in getting a Resona flute or piccolo made for you. Each one of us is satisfied in knowing that a great instrument will find a great home.

This is our Resona story. We look forward to reading about yours.