What are the benefits of the Resona Flute and Piccolo?

Great Sound:

Handcrafted headjoints made in the USA provide a clear tone and quick response.

Body made in the USA gives you a professional orchestral sound –

  • Flute: (R300) Sterling silver or (R150) Silver-plated with drawn tone holes
  • Piccolo: African grenadilla wood with solid silver tenon & rings

State of the art Modern Resona Pads enhance resonance and provide a more complete seal.

Burkart Professional Scale for an even, stable pitch.

Easy to play with great intonation.

Feels Good:

Burkart-designed key-work offers exceptional hand comfort.


Resona instruments are finished and rigorously tested by the trusted flute makers in the Burkart workshop. This attention to detail ensures that each instrument meets Resona’s high quality standards.

Great Price:

The Resona Flute and Piccolo provide a great value in a professional level instrument. Please contact your local dealer for detailed information and to request your Resona instrument today.