New Year, New Us!

Happy 2017 Resona fans! With any new year comes a wealth of new opportunities. I know we’ve made a list of our goals for the upcoming year – have you?

For the past few months, we’ve been working on some really exciting and cool things here at Resona. What’s so exciting, you ask?

We got a makeover!

Yes, you read that right! As of January 2017, Resona is going to look and sound a little different. It’s still going to have the same quality and beauty of Resonas of years past, but now it’s going to sound more vibrant and resonant thanks to the new revolutionary pads that we’ve been tweaking and testing for months. You may notice that our name may look a little different as well.



Each model flute will now come with the modern Resona pad developed by Burkart. This is a premium pad that makes your flute fun to play and super responsive. What makes these pads so different than the ones we previously used? For one, these pads use revolutionary microcell technology. You may be thinking “Microcell? Isn’t that a term used when talking about cellphones?” Well, you’re not entirely wrong. However, cellphone microcell technology and pad microcell technology are two very different things. One uses satellites and radio waves (cellphones) and the other is
simply a new material that hasn’t been used in flute pads before. The modern Resona pad is a microcell foam pad on a hardened backing. This allows your pads more give while having less variances in surface topography for a better seal over the tone hole. As any flutist and flute technician knows, a complete seal between the pad and the tone hole is the difference between a good sounding flute and a great sounding flute. You’ll notice a vibrant and easy low register as well as a sweet and beautiful high register. The variety of color you’ll be able to get with these pads is incredible and we’ve been having so much fun playing with them. Not only do these pads sound incredible but they look pretty awesome as well! The pads are white and make your flute look clean and sharp.

An added benefit to these pads is that they’re water resistant! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek shelter during that sudden downpour during your parade route, but it does mean that the pads will change less with weather and humidity won’t cause your flute any problems.




With any change comes a new maintenance routine and we’ve made a short video for you explaining (and showing!) more about these pads and the routine care and maintenance.


To sum up the video, here’s how you should take care of your flute:

  1. Take a strip of t-shirt and your wooden cleaning swab. Thread the t-shirt through the end of the swab.
  2. Swab out your flute.
  3. If your pads become sticky, use the corner of your black Resona microfiber cloth included with your flute and insert the cloth between the pad and the tone hole.
  4. Press the key lightly a few times.
  5. Like with felt pads, it is important for you to remember not to pull the cloth out while the key is still pressed.
  6. Do not use cigarette paper or pad paper to clean your microcell pads.


Are you lucky enough to have one of our new flutes? Share a picture or comment here.