Introducing our New Resona Specialist!

Introducing our New Resona Specialist!

Guest Blog by Amanda, Resona Flute & Piccolo Specialist and Social Media Manager


Well hello there flute and piccolo lovers! My name is Amanda. I am a Resona player, a flute teacher and the new Resona specialist here at Burkart-Phelan Inc. That means every Resona flute and piccolo from here on out will be passing through my own hands before it makes beautiful music in yours. Talk about a dream job! I will be taking the reigns from our lovely blog-ess this month to give you a little insight into my duties as part of team Burkart and offer some background on how I got here.


Resona flutes and piccolosIt’s hard to remember a time in my life that didn’t completely revolve around the flute. I started playing at a young age, competed in high school, majored in Music Education and spent the past decade as a musician and instrumental teacher. After spending some time in the K-8 classroom, I took a leap and opened my own music studio to inspire the next generation of flutists! I love to teach because I get to spend my time enriching the lives of others while instructing them on how to play my favorite instrument. It’s rewarding to see the passion I have for music transfer from my heart to my student’s. My flute teachers growing up were not only my role models and friends, but shaped me into the person I am today. I love to do the same for my students.

My studio where I teach lessons.

My studio where I teach lessons.

The first time I stopped by the Burkart workshop was in 2007 while in search of an upgrade. I knew the moment I picked up one of their instruments that I would never play another brand again. It was the perfect fit! Before landing where I am today, I always recommended Resona flutes and piccolos to my friends and students. In 2014, my friends, family and students banded together through a crowd sourcing website. It was then that I got the opportunity to have a Resona of my own. They gave me a gift I will be forever thankful for, the gift of music – my very own Resona flute! Two years later, I took another big leap into a great opportunity and here I am!


I’m sure if you’re a regular to our blog, you know the basic process of how we manufacture our Resona instruments. But, I will give you a quick run-down before describing what my job at Burkart is all about.

Resona instruments are produced through a hybrid manufacturing process in our main workshop location. Many of the parts we use for the Resona instruments are made in a similar way to our Professional and Elite instruments. This includes the solid silver body of the Resona Flute, which is exactly the same as our drawn tone hole model flutes. 

Resona Flutes

Here’s a picture of my bench where the Resona magic happens. Keeping a clean and organized work space is vital to making sure the instrument stays safe, especially when working with so many tools!

This is where my job (and the fun part) comes in! Once the instrument is completely built, it lands in my hands. I take the instrument, play it and work over every inch of the flute or piccolo to make sure that it sounds and plays as well as it possibly can. Once that is finished, I check the adjustments and make sure the mechanism is well balanced. It then goes through another round of rigorous testing and quality control before it is paired with one of our lovingly in-house made headjoints. The instrument then leaves our shop and lands in the hands of one of our lucky players. It seems like an easy, quick process but it’s definitely time consuming making sure we produce an instrument that we are proud of!

Another one of my duties as member of the Resona team is being the new voice behind our Resona social media presence. I will be keeping you updated on all the new and exciting things happening with our Resona products as well as informing you about sales, teacher tips and other fun flute-related stuff. Feel free to picture my face the next time you read one of our posts. If you haven’t followed us yet, now is a good time to hit thatlike or follow button!


Like many musicians, I have a history of hand problems from  spending years learning on an instrument that did not correctly fit my hand size. Often I would play with my students for hours on end before heading off to a 3 hour rehearsal. I needed an instrument that worked with my body. The positioning and shape of the Resona 300’s keys are perfect for my short pinky and ring fingers. Although the instrument has an .018” wall, it is not overly heavy so I can practice or perform for hours with extreme comfort! (Even with my added C# trill!)

Sound color is extremely important to me. Emotion and passion in a performance is what makes music so special. Being able to connect to the audience at an emotional level requires flexibility and power in your instrument and the Resona definitely delivers! The thick wall of the instrument gives it more stability and that unique, rich sound that I love about the Burkart brand. I’m partial to a strong, powerful low register and I found that the Resona allows me to easily produce the tone I worked so hard to achieve. (Also, like many flute players, I would never think to describe myself as a piccolo lover. After playing these Resona piccs, I can absolutely say that I’m a convert. A Resona piccolo is definitely on my wish list for the holidays!)

In my years immersed in the flute world, I’ve played A LOT of different instruments. In my opinion there are very few that come even close to the Resona. Whenever a student, parent or friend comes to me and asks for advice on which instruments they should try while searching for an upgrade, the first word out of my mouth is always Resona. I tell them “just try it, I know you’ll love it.” 

Now that I’ve found myself shifting gears from being a teacher and Resona player to also being a “member of Team Burkart”, it’s a good feeling knowing that I am able to do my part to contribute to the success of our business and a line of instruments that I believe in. I know one thing, Resona flutes and piccolos are nothing like any I’ve ever played. They’re in a league of their own and I’m so lucky to be able to do my part to make them the best they can be.

Thanks for reading!

Resona Flutes and Piccolos