An Interview with Ethan Lin, flute and piccolo specialist

The video project #100daystoNFA2016 has been taking the Facebook flute community by storm drawing videos from professional flutists, teachers, students, and flute idols from all over the world. The project is simple: Make a video of a piece you’ve been working on or whatever is on your practice stand, tag your flute friends to make a video, and have fun! Today we’re talking to Ethan Lin, the flutist behind the video project about the reason he started this project and why the National Flute Association Convention in August is so important to the flute community.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the #100daystoNFA2016 video project?

Videos for #100DaystoNFA2016

Videos for #100DaystoNFA2016

A: Whenever I open up my internet browser on my computer my homepage shows the National Flute Association’s convention countdown. When I saw that we were 100 days away from the convention – which is a significant number – I wondered what I could do to build excitement as we get nearer and nearer to convention, which is happening August 11-14th. The NFA is all about uniting and connecting the flute community, so I thought what better way to get the whole community to connect!

Q: Why did you choose to do a video project?
A: I have a ton of flute friends and I thought it would be fun to see people sharing whatever music they’re playing, their knowledge of the flute, practice techniques, and really whatever they do day-to-day.

Q: Did you ever expect for the project to get so big?
A: No! [laughs] Originally my idea was to have everybody tag only 1 person on Facebook, so that’s what we did for the first few days. But, during the first 3 days, there was so much interest in the project that on the third day, we decided to open it up to tagging as many people as we thought appropriate. Thanks to this, the project now includes students, world class players, NFA board members, entire sections of orchestras… and these players are from all over the world. The power of social media is amazing. Now we’re using the hashtag #100DaystoNFA2016 so that everyone can see the videos, regardless of whether or not you’re friends with the person posting the video.

Q: Do you have any favorite videos so far?
A: I don’t – I’ve enjoyed watching them all because it’s an outlet that shows people at different levels and stages of their careers. It’s a glimpse into the everyday life of all of these people around the world and it’s very candid and very real. It’s all live – you don’t have auto tune or lip sync – these are people with real talent! It’s also so cool to see all of these flute legends, idols, masters, and people you never would have expected to be a part of this project.

Q: What’s the most important thing for flutists to remember when partaking in the project?
A: Have fun. Be creative. It’s not easy to put yourself out there so remember not to be judgmental. Like I said before, Social Media is a really powerful tool – use it wisely! And remember to use the official hashtag #100DaystoNFA2016 so that all of the videos will be compiled!

Q: What is the National Flute Association?
A: It’s the largest flute organization in the world and it presents an annual convention that gathers thousands of flutists from around the world. Throughout the year, these flutists join in person, online, at conventions, through classrooms, to encourage love and appreciation for the flute and those who play it. It’s added so much to the community.

Q: Why is the convention so important to the flute community?
A: There is no other event quite like this. There are thousands of flute players under one roof. You can see your friends, teachers, colleagues, people you’ve gone to summer classes with… It’s a great chance to network and to meet new people who share the same passion as you do. There are lots of different masterclasses, talks, and performances that you otherwise would not see! And it’s like a giant shopping mall for flute, piccolo, music, recordings, and accessories.
NFA Convention 2015NFA Convention 2015NFA Convention 2015



Flutronix at the Burkart Booth 2015

Q: Will Resona and Burkart be at the convention?

A: Yes! Burkart will have a booth at the entrance of the exhibit hall (booth #202). Resona can be found there as well and our Resona dealers will have flutes and piccolos for sale at the convention. If you have any questions as to where you can find Resona, stop by the Burkart booth and ask one of us!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about going to convention?
A: Seeing friends. It’s a great chance to connect with friends you haven’t been able to see all year! It’s very exciting. We love to meet Resona players. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Q: Any other thoughts you’d like to share about this year’s convention?
A: San Diego is very pretty! While I had been to the convention in Las Vegas in 2004, the San Diego convention in 2005 was actually the first one I ever worked at. It’s a fantastic city and I think everyone will enjoy travelling there.

The pictures from the convention were taken from the NFA website.