Look Back at NFA Convention 2016


Look Back at NFA Convention 2016: San Diego


We’re finally getting back into the routine as we wind down from the flute convention in San Diego. The weekend was over before we knew it and we met so many kind and wonderful flute players that we feel so lucky to have supporters such as you! We hope you had just as much fun as we did. Here’s a look back at some of the exciting moments from Burkart’s and Resona’s time at the convention this year.


Resona FlutesFNFA Convention 2016or the first time, Resona had a presence at the Burkart booth! Along with this long list of dealer (picture on the left) who were at the convention, we had piccolos and flutes at the booth so that you could try all of the instruments at the booth. We had all of our options including both styles of piccolo headjoints, all three options for flute headjoints (9k lip, 14k riser, and the SS embouchure) as well as inline and offset flutes with all the bells and whistles. 


We always love to see our Resona players, especially at convention. We wouldn’t be where we are without our supporters. To the right is a picture of Lillian and Dana, who loves her Resona. Thanks for stopping by, Dana! 


Along with the exciting response we received toward Resonas, our sister company also had some very exciting events! This year Burkart had not one but THREE special events. The first event happened bright and early on Thursday morning with a special conservation talk with Lillian Burkart about the conservation of grenadilla wood. If you missed this presentation but would like to hear more about this topic, Lillian wrote a blog about why your piccolo should be wood and about the conservation of grenadilla here. The second event took place over the course of the convention with our free lesson drawing. Flutists interested in the drawing had to first work with one of our Burkart employees on trying an instrument, then they would fill out a card and be entered into the drawing. Our four Burkart Artists that were so gracious to be a part of this were Linda Chesis, Catherine Ransom Karoly, Jim Walker, and Carol Wincenc. Thank you to all of our Artists for being a part of this event!

NFA Convention 2016

You can see how many people were excited about our free lesson drawing!

 Our third event, the Burkart Showcase, took place on Saturday afternoon. During the showcase, you could see a headjoint being hand cut… LIVE… by Lillian Burkart and tested by Carol Wincenc so that the audience could hear what a difference a small adjustment could make to the sound. 


Lillian and Carol in the Headjoint cutting showcase at the 2016 NFA Convention Burkart Showcase! Photo by Kelly DeVany.


Congratulations to Stephen! We hope you enjoy your new headjoint.



In the picture to the left, you can see Carol Wincenc and Lillian hard at work on cutting the headjoint. In Carol’s hand is the headjoint they used for comparison. Both headjoints started out exactly the same and at the end of the showcase they sounded very different!

At the end of the showcase, one lucky person was able to go home with the newly made headjoint. This lucky person was Stephen Lucido, shown on the right.




Late Saturday night, after the fantastic gala concerto concert, was the Jazz Cabaret with Jim Walker, Jose Valentino, and Giovanni Perez. The cabaret represented music from the amazing world of Latin music. The late night show kept people moving all the way until midnight! It was a fantastic way to end the third day of the convention.


The Jazz Cabaret with Jim Walker, Jose Valentino and Giovanni Perez.

NFA Convention 2016

The music was so exciting we couldn’t help but dance! Here’s Ethan, Burkart’s direct sales person dancing.

Saturday night was also the NFA Gala Awards Dinner honoring Katherine Hoover and James Pellerite. We captured a very special moment that night of many of our Burkart artists and Resona endorsers.


NFA Convention 2016

From left to right: Linda Chesis, Jeff Zook, Carol Wincenc, Catherine Ransom Karoly, Dr. James Hall, Lillian Burkart, Ethan Lin, Stephanie Jutt, Jim Walker, Molly Barth, and Mary Stolper.

We truly enjoyed our time in San Diego and cannot wait until the fun next year in Minneapolis! While the traveling may be over for now, we at least have our pictures to look back on from this year. Enjoy some of these photos from convention and if you have any photos or stories you would like to share, please visit our Resona page on Facebook! 


NFA Convention 2016

Carol Wincenc and Lillian Burkart at the Burkart booth before the showcase on Saturday.

NFA Convention 2016

New Burkart flute owner, Erin Delaney, with Lillian Burkart and Ethan Lin.

NFA Convention 2016

A view of our booth on the last day of convention. Busy, busy!


Burkart fan with Lillian Burkart.


A closeup of Lillian during the Burkart Showcase.



Mary Stolper with Mary Stolper!


Our Resona dealers made a nice showing at the flute convention as well! Here is a picture of just a portion of Flute Center of New York’s booth.

NFA Convention 2016

Burkart Artist and Resona Endorser Jim Walker with Kelly DeVany.

NFA Convention 2016

The beautiful San Diego harbor right before dusk. 

NFA Convention 2016

A small snapshot of the Town and Country Resort where the 2016 NFA Flute Convention took place.